TGF is an early-stage VC fund founded by video games industry veterans.
We invest in future leaders: game developers, gaming technologies, and services.
We share best practices and offer our experience and personal touch.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to boost your games business - let’s talk!



Games Industry blooms with all the fantastic possibilities for game developers. Video Games become the entertainment of choice for billions of people worldwide.

It is an exploding market, but it can be challenging to go alone. Through our career, we saw hundreds of companies and learned some lessons. We are here to support, advice and do not interfere with the vision.

We believe in founders who dream big and create lovable products. We know from the experience that passion, combined with proper resources builds great companies from the ground.

We love video games both as players and as professionals, with an open mind, and expect the same from our partners.


speaking the same language

We are gamers and developers. We understand how games and games business work from the inside.

never too early

We move fast, believe in ambitious ideas, and support developers in their vision. From the very beginning.

strong track record

Before TGF, we managed over $300m, built leading companies, and launched top-grossing games.

connecting the dots

We bring to the table not just capital but our experience and connections. We help companies grow.



General Partner

Before founding TGF, Maria has been the investment director of MGVC, the investment arm of Group (MAIL:LI), since its foundation in 2017, where she was responsible for M&A and venture capital investments. Maria led and supervised over 35 investments in MGVC.

Before MGVC, Maria worked in VC and PE companies (Vestor.In, AYR financial) and in the management consulting firm (A.T.Kearney).


General Partner

Ilya is a Mobile Games Industry veteran with over 14 years of experience in major international companies including Game Insight, Sperasoft and MY.GAMES.

Ilya was one of the founding employees and led 10 investments at MGVC, the investment arm of Group (MAIL:LI).

Expert in games production, marketing, game design and business strategy and has strong connections in the game developers community.


General Partner

Sergey has over 20 years in game development and investing. Before launching TGF, Sergey founded the Los Angeles based Arktos Capital Group.

Sergey is also a General Partner at Shanghai based Panax Capital. Over last 10 years his investments in a video games industry resulted in 73% IRR.

Prior to that Sergey was a founding employee and CTO/Technical Director of Riot Games.


General Partner

In TGF Alexander acts as a managing partner from GEM Capital. Alexander is a managing director of GEM Capital, where he is responsible for strategy development over all areas of investment. He also formed a new Games&Entertainment investment division at 2019. Prior to that Alexander served as a senior manager at transaction advisory services division of EY and head of investment department at one of the largest oil & gas companies







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